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And the award goes to....

27th February 2017

The Academy Awards is without doubt the most glamorous fixture in the Hollywood calendar and last night was no exception (complete with a few unscripted moments!)  With all the most famous faces turning up in gorgeous gowns and the sharpest of suits, why not bring a bit of that glitz and glamour to your home?  Here are a few ideas to make your abode a space worthy of any golden gong.  

Little Details

When adding Oscar style to your home, be sure to look out for items that have that extra detail. Find pieces that incorporate bold patterns, etched surfaces or glass and crystal with interesting carved textures.  Of course it goes without saying, gold is the perfect metallic to add that luxury look to your home. However be sure not to go to heavy with the Midas touch, too much gold can be a little too dazzling.

Get Papped

Just like the film stars, your home also deserves to be seen in its best light. Upgrade your lighting from the norm and go all out with, lamps, sconces or even chandeliers. Not only will this add decadence to the room but lamplight also brings warmth and will highlight the other glamorous details in your home.

The Red-Carpet Treatment

Is there anything more iconic and luxurious than the Oscars’ red carpet? The rich, bright color goes well in so many environments that it’s worth adding some in a room. Lamps, throw pillows or a lacquered tray are great, affordable ways to add some red-carpet chic to any room.

Added Sparkle

Why not try to outshine the stars this year, there are so many ways you can add a little glitz and glamour to your home. Mirrors, Silk, velvet, glass, crystal and metallics are all simple ways of adding that extra sparkle and shine this Oscar season.

Classic curves

The first Academy Awards ceremony was held in 1929, when Art Deco was all the rage. You can throw back to this elegant period by incorporating curved lines and rounded elements into your home, curved chairs, oval tables and patterns with repeating, rounded geometry will add that classic and timeless Art Deco look.