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Buying with confidence

12th October 2017

New build homes have been met by some with an air of caution; will the quality of the interior last? How can I trust a brand new property over a property that has stood the test of time, wear and tear?

We are confident that an Antler Homes new build is not only as reliable as an older property but even better. We believe in the quality of our properties from the inside out, offering our customers an extensive warranty on all of our homes.

An Antler Homes kitchen comes as standard with well-respected brand appliances which includes a Bosch self-clean integrated oven, in some cases two ovens, an integrated fridge freezer, integrated microwave and a five burner gas hob and dishwasher all coming with a two year warranty. We also install Worcester Bosch boilers that come with a five year warranty rather than the standard two.

Our commitment to you continues well after you've moved into your new home. For a period of two years after legal completion, Antler Homes will attend to any defect that may arise. For all non-emergencies our in-house Customer Services team will be happy to help.

As well as your Antler Homes warranty, to give you peace of mind, your new home will come with the added benefit of either a NHBC or Premier provide a 10 year warranty that in the unlikely event that any defects arise in materials or workmanship in your home. Structural faults can be extremely expensive to fix, and may not be covered by your standard house insurance policy, so having adequate protection in place is hugely important. Having either of these warranties means you'll be looked after by some of the country’s leading structural warranty providers.

For more information visit NHBC or Premier Guarantee.

Another positive aspect of a new build home is that you aren’t left with the memory of the previous owners DIY attempts, no picture hooks, dodgy quick fixes or questionable shelves with an Antler Home. All fixing, finishes and appliances are installed and fitted to the highest standard and then checked again.

Not only will your wallet benefit from not having to cover up someone else’s mistakes but you can save money on your monthly energy bills. Even an extensively refurbished older property will struggle to compete with the energy efficiency of a new build.  Modern construction for example, using thermal breeze blocks which help to prevent damp whilst cavity walls, double glazing, roof insulation provide long term energy savings. Modern heating systems are constantly improving, further reducing monthly outgoings. 

There’s nothing quite like moving into a new build house. With a completely blank canvas, you have ultimate freedom to make your new house your new home. With Antler Homes you can purchase with peace of mind, knowing that everything from the inside out is finished to the highest standard and covered with extensive warranties.