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A day in the life of a Sales Consultant

29th March 2017

What does the role of a Sales Consultant really involve? Angela Meredith, Sales Consultant at Lansdown Place, Claygate, gives you an inside view.

As a Sales Consultant there is so much to do, we don’t just sit in a beautiful show home drinking tea all day! We have to progress leads, be on the phone to new clients and find out what people need from a home. We deal with offers, reservations and solicitors.

We are the first port of call between the developer and the buyer; we have to build a relationship with the buyer, understanding what they need and their vision of an ideal home. This means we have to have a full understanding of the properties, we have to know everything from the small technical details to the surrounding area and the cost of running the property.

What I like about Antler Homes is that we are involved in the build process, we get to look at the property with buyers eyes and make suggestions throughout the process. If we think a cupboard may be better in a different place to the proposed design, we say so!

I think the most important skill to have is the ability to make people feel at ease and welcomed from the offset. It is also essential not to over burden the potential buyer with too much information and show the house in the best light possible.

The meet and greet is one of my favourite parts of the job, finding out what the potential buyer wants and meeting their expectations by finding their ideal home is the most satisfying aspect of the job.