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Dress to impress: How to make your home a work of art - Antler Homes

11th October 2016

A show home will always be inspirational as it’s designed to allow you to dream of what your home could possibly look like. Every last detail has been carefully thought out and the rooms seem to effortlessly flow into one another. Paintings and artwork are fundamental to a decorative scheme and it is imperative that you consider artwork as an important part of designing the complete scheme.

Antler Homes are renowned for opulent interiors, designed to be aspirational yet reflective of how people really live. Here, Stacey Sibley, of Alexander James Interiors one of Antler’s interior designers, shares her secrets exclusively on how to make your own home a work of art.

  • The power of prints. Using a variety of prints to create a gallery helps to occupy the blank wall space without being too imposing. Gallery walls are a great way to occupy vast and open wall spaces, especially stairwells which are usually quite bare.
  • Mix and match. Grouping several frames in various sizes, styles and orientations gives a really creative look and allows you to add more whenever you like.
  • Higher or lower? It is also important that you don’t hang artwork too high, instead hang it so that the centre of the image is at eye level. In informal seating areas, hanging the artwork low will make the space feel more cosy and intimate.
  • Don’t confine yourself to walls. Think outside the box and use art at different eye levels within the home, and on different surfaces. For example you could lean a frame on a hall table or sideboard with smaller decorative pieces or books at its base; or hang a small piece on the side or front of a large bookshelf.
  • Make sure your art is lit correctly. This doesn’t mean you have to install gallery lighting all over your home, but be conscious of the lighting around your art. Some art will only shine when light dances onto its surface in the correct way and the beauty or detail of your favourite piece could get lost if it’s catching some rays.
  • Local gems. The right artwork will tie in all of the elements including fabrics, colour palette and furniture of the room to create a well-rounded scheme. Your collection doesn’t have to feature Blake or Dobell prize winners. Your art can be homemade, handmade and often simple. If you live in a rural area, seek inspiration from the surrounding trees and greenery with botanical prints or natural paintings.

Never be afraid to have some fun and experiment with art and images in your home. Art doesn’t have to be all about bright white galleries and expensive pieces. Instead it can be all about you, and helping you create a home you love to spend time in.

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