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Is Hygge the secret to a happy home?

15th November 2016

Earlier this year the 2016 World Happiness Report named Denmark the happiest place in the world. But what exactly is their secret, and how can we achieve it?

Here at Antler Homes we think the secret is in the Danish term ‘hygge’ (pronounced 'hoo-gah'), that's taking the interiors world by storm.

Hygge dates back to the 18th Century and in English, loosely means “hug”. "Hygge is about embracing things – enjoying cake, taking time to relax, spending time with friends and family," Emily Robertson, publisher of The Little Book of Hygge recently told the UK Telegraph. "It’s about the simple, small pleasures that make life great, which perhaps sometimes pass us by."  

Hygge in the home is about creating luxurious environments without being ostentatious, and homely without being twee. There are lots of natural materials such as wood and leather, coupled with lots of layered textures: fabrics, throws, woollen rugs, faux fur and knitted cushions. Open-plan spaces will be zoned, with an emphasis on cosy corners and communal spaces for relaxation.

Colours tend to be simple and neutral. But actually, hygge isn’t really about a particular look: it’s about having a space that gives you a warm glow inside, where you can take time away from the cares of the world (and the pull of the smartphone and the email) and enjoy a spiritual sanctuary. Therefore personal preference is key.

So, why not go forth and remember that it’s all about the small things in life and capturing moments that bring you happiness. Make sure to give yourself a break from the demands of diets and strict regimes and indulge in the things – chocolate, wine, baths by candlelight and feasts with friends or family – that truly make you feel good.  We think everyone could all do with a little Hygge in their lives this winter!