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New year, new bathroom?

19th January 2017

As the new year rolls in and those age-old new year’s resolutions get made (and often broken), here at Antler Homes, we think that January should be less doom and gloom, and more about the year of you.

That year can begin any way you like, but at Antler Homes, there’s nothing we enjoy more than indulging in an excellent bath filled with bubbles, a glass of wine and a good book. The bathroom as a space has shifted from purely functional to a haven for relaxation in recent years, an escape from the mayhem of the day and an at home spa-like retreat. Today the label on your handwash and the thread count of your towels are as important as the car in your driveway and the wine in your cellar.

Bearing this in mind, we took a look at some of our favourite bathrooms from recent developments, with a view to helping you create the perfect spa haven within your home.

Lansdown Place, Claygate

Lansdown Place Ensuite

Taking a more uniform approach, the all-over marble effect used in this bathroom helps to purvey a calming atmosphere. The use of vases and other decorations gives this bathroom an injection of softness and the mirror enhances the light across the room. Making the space your own and filling it with familiar objects help to relax the senses and help you truly indulge. And the shelves either side of the bath make for great places to put all your favourite bathtime treats.

Our tip: don’t be afraid to be bold, expressive and personal in your bathroom décor.

Mudeford Place, Dorset

Mudeford Place Bathroom

The storage units in alcoves in this bathroom are perfect, and great for those who like their bathroom neat and tidy. For this smaller space, we made sure to include other storage spaces to keep the user from being distracted during that all important unwind after work. Neutral colours complement this scheme and make the most of the space. Adorning the windowsill with miniature plants is a great way to customise and bring extra energy into the room.

Our tip: make sure to invest in storage pieces to keep the room, and your mind, clutter free.

Chamberlain Place, Weybridge

Chamberlain Place Ensuite

This bathroom is more minimalist, but we love the geometric and minimalist tiles on the far wall, and the use of more neutral colours throughout the room. However, the tub is still everything you could need and more in terms of size, taking a comfortable oval shape for maximum relaxation, in addition to the room also boasting a walk-in shower. The drawers and spacing help keep everything clean-looking and clutter-free, and a large mirror makes the most of the light. As bathrooms go, we think this is a pretty good one!

Our tip: make the bathtub the central focal feature in your bathroom.

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