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Scorching summer interior tips

1st August 2017

Welcome to summer, the grass is green, the sun is shining and your wardrobe has transformed from an array of heavy and dark clothes, to light, bright and chic. However, it is not just you who needs to brighten up for the summer, help your home get ready for the sunshine with our 5 top tips on how to give your home that special something this summer.

Bright white

What better way to give your home that bright, summery feel than with a bright white colour scheme. Maybe that means a lovely white finish on the walls, perhaps some elegant white furniture in the lounge or white tiles work fabulously in the kitchen or bathroom. In order that your white palette truly works its magic, you will need to emulate its simplicity by de-cluttering for the summer months – get rid of any unnecessary junk that you have gathered over the years. Let go of those heavy thoughts for summer and give your home a utopian feel with a clean, crisp makeover.

Playful Statement Sculptures/Artwork

Summer is all about freedom and freedom to express yourself, it is a time when creativity takes on a whole new meaning and you don’t need to be afraid of showing your own sense of style and personality. A home is a place to let some of this creativity flow, so add some originality to your home with statement sculptures or pieces of artwork. Don’t be afraid to be bold and daring in rooms that you usually wouldn’t.  

Tropical Prints

We can’t think of a more obvious way to give your home that summer feel than infusing it with patterns of the exotic tropics. Influenced by the hottest styles on the runway this season, tropical patterns really cannot go amiss in your home. Don’t instantly splash out on a tropical patterned sofa or cover your entire wall in banana leaf patterned wallpaper, experiment with accessories at first, like pillows or lamp shades, you will jazz up your lounge in no time. I can already hear the sounds of the Caribbean!

Colour Pops: Small But Bold

Colour pops are a perfect way to add a bit of excitement to your home and if you are worried about dramatic colour changes as quite often bold statements eventually go out of fashion, no need to fear!  The ‘small pops’ scheme can be done easily, affordably and removed as soon as you see fit! Just add some brightly coloured pillows or throws to your neutral bedroom to give it a vibrant personality.

Bring the Outdoors In

Undeniably, summer is all about the outside, so why not bring some of that outdoors ambience inside your home? Maybe with your colour palette – Greenery has been named the Pantone of 2017, you can create a calming connection between the indoors and outside with a splash of green. Maybe you want to give a more natural look to your décor, either with grey tones, beige, off-white, yellow, walnut and brown or even by using textures from outside – wood, fur and shearling can be combined with raw industrial elements to create a homely feel, whilst at the same time contemporary and stylish.