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The Buying and Reservation Process

Our sales team will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the development and the individual house types that we are offering for sale. They will be able to guide you through the sales process from reservation through to legal completion.

Stage 1

If you require a mortgage or want to take advantage of the Governments Help to Buy Scheme, ask one of our Sales Executives to speak in private to Allensons, our independent financial advisors. There could be £500 cash back for using Allensons*

Stage 2

Select the plot you would like to buy.

Stage 3

To reserve your new home you will you will need to have the following documentation in order to make a reservation:

Photographic proof of ID for all purchasers, a valid driver’s licence or a passport will suffice.

Proof of address for all purchasers, a utility bill or bank statement will suffice but must be no older than 3 months.

Please note that we will need to take copies of these as these will be sent to the solicitors with the reservation paperwork as part of our due diligence procedures.

You will need to pay a holding deposit; the amount will vary depending on your circumstances, for example if you are buying on Help to Buy you will need to pay £500.  If you are not using Help to Buy the deposit will be £2,000 on properties up to £1m and £5,000 on properties over £1m.  The deposit is refundable should you withdraw from the purchase but please note may be subject to administration fees being deducted. These deductions will be explained to you during the reservation process and you will be given details of the costs.

You will take away with you your Reservation manual which is full of information that you will find useful. It is advisable to keep any documents relating to your new purchase safely within.

You will need to be able to exchange contracts within 28 days; the solicitors and Allensons will be made aware of this deadline.

Stage 4

You will now need to instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf, we do have recommended solicitors that you can choose from, these are solicitors that are familiar with our contracts therefore will keep the cost to a minimum and they will be aware of the exchange deadlines that will be imposed. We may offer you £500* for using one of these solicitors. You will need to formally instruct then they will require fees from you to enable them to apply for the local searches.  At this stage you will need to speak to the mortgage advisor and confirm that you have made a reservation, they will need to know all the details of the purchase. They will let you know what you will need to do next to complete your mortgage application; you may be required to pay them a survey fee on behalf of the bank or building society.

Stage 5

Depending on the stage of construction your property is at when you reserve, you may be able to choose your kitchen, tiles & paint colour from our pre-selected range, the Sales Executive will inform you if this is the case.

The sales team will be talking regularly with the solicitor and Allensons so that they can give you regular updates and save you the time trying to make calls during your work day. They will also be able to keep you updated about the build stage of your property.

We appreciate that is very exciting buying a brand new home and we are sure you will at times want to visit your actual property as it under construction. We have a very strict health and safety policy that staff and customers must adhere to. Please at no time wander onto the development without a member of staff. This can be arranged during normal working hours but only with the site manager’s permission.

Stage 6

Just prior to exchange of contracts: you should have received your mortgage offer; your solicitor will want to discuss with you the mortgage offer and the contracts. You will be required to sign the mortgage documents and return them to the lender. Your solicitor will require your signature on the legal documents, at this stage you will need to pay the exchange deposit which is 10% less your reservation fee for non-Help to Buy sales and 5% less your reservation fee for Help to Buy sales.

Note: This must be in your solicitor’s bank and cleared so that exchange can take place.

Once exchange has taken place we will write to you to confirm and we will be able to give you an indication of the expected legal completion month (if your new home is not already built).  We will send you a pack of “we are moving cards” to send to your family and friends now that your move is definite. You will be invited to a Home Demonstration usually about two weeks before you are due to move in which is a tour of your new home to show you where everything is located and how everything works. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

You will need to start making arrangements for the move, you will need to let people know you are on the move, on exchange we would have sent you a what to do next sheet; hopefully this will make things a little easier. However if you need any help please just ask.

The final stage

Then finally the day arrives when you move into your new Antler home!

Your solicitor will have to request funds (if you are taking a mortgage) a few days before completion to ensure they arrive on the day expected.  Once the funds arrive in our solicitor’s bank the Sales Executive will be advised that the keys may be released.

Before you can unpack which we know you will be dying to do there are just a couple of last things that need to be done.

You will be met by the Sales Executive and the Site Manager who will be handing over your new home. You will need to have a walk round and just make sure you are happy with everything. Then we will need to take the meter readings so that we can inform the relevant utilities that you are now the home owner and we will take care of the bill at that stage.

The only thing left to do is to hand you your keys and wish you every happiness in your new home!

The next stage

Now that you have moved in, our dedicated Customer Care team will make contact within a few days to make an appointment to come and meet with you, so if any issues have arisen they can deal with them accordingly.

*Terms and conditions apply.  Please liaise with a Sales Executive.