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      • ​To provide a great experience for our visitors and customers.
      • To identify your registered members (users who registered to your site).
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The cookies we use are principally for security and our first-party cookies are;

      • ForceFlashSite – which lasts for the session only, and this forces the server to display the non-mobile version and avoid redirecting to the mobile site, when a desktop is identified as opening the website.
      • hs – which lasts for the session only and is for security.
      • smSession – this lasts for between 2 days and 2 weeks and identifies logged in site members, should the site ever have a log in facility. 
      • XSRF-TOKEN – this lasts for the session only and, again, is for security.  

If you wish to make a complaint about how we are using your data, please contact us via email at, telephone on 01276 538 938 or by post to Antler Homes Plc, Knightway House, Park Street, Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5AQ.

This policy only applies to the Antler Homes Plc website, and not to any other websites linked to this website.