Welcome to the Public Consultation Web Page for Antler Homes' proposals for development at land accessed off Glebe Close, Dummer

As you may be aware Antler Homes submitted a previous planning application for 17 dwellings to be located on the Land accessed off Glebe Close, which was subsequently refused at appeal on heritage grounds.  Our proposals now eliminate any heritage concerns by removing development from the front parcel of land. Antler Homes welcomes the opportunity to engage with the local residents of the Dummer community in a new proposal that will be a once in a generation opportunity to shape the village, whilst preserving and enhancing its natural beauty.

We would like to understand your opinion on our scheme options and request that you comment on our plans using the feedback form included on this website. This will help us to shape and form this development for the benefit of the new and existing community

Our key proposals

The 30 unit scheme will include the following benefits:

  • 3 - 3.5 hectares of land safeguarded as public open space for the residents of Dummer, to prevent future expansion of the village and coalescence with Basingstoke. No additional phases of development will be proposed on the site

  • Maintain in perpetuity a rural vista entering the village by creating a green buffer between the development and Down Street

  • A policy compliant mixture of 30 market and affordable homes (30% will be affordable, including shred ownership)

  • Additional residents will support the village, including the Queen Inn, Parish Church & Parish Council activities

  • Road access and parking for the existing recreation ground and tennis courts

  • New community building to be gifted to the Parish Council. This could include recreation ground changing facilities

  • The new hall would also facilitate alternative uses for the existing village hall, for example a community shop or rentable commercial space creating revenue for the Parish Council

  • Improved public footpath connectivity, particularly along Down Street and a village gateway feature

We encourage the community to consider what they would like us to provide on the public open space and offer suggestions that can be incorporated into the proposed plans. This could include a community farm, community orchard, extra tree planting, allotments, wild meadows, parkland and additional sports/recreational space. There is space for a number of these benefits to be included.


Antler Homes received planning and has built out a scheme in Sherborne St John, also within Basingstoke and Dean BC, which comprises of 19 dwellings within a rural setting and a village shop. Click here to read more about this development.


We welcome any initial comments that you may have at this time. We will be holding an ongoing public consultation through our dedicated website until the 18th June 2021.

Our plans for the site

Please click on either plan image below to view in expanded mode.

9 unit private residential scheme with landscape buffer


30 unit residential scheme with community extensive benefits

MP-AH-DU-SK-01c 30 unit scheme Edited.jp

Antler Homes' Development Examples


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Your comments and feedback

Antler Homes would be very interested to receive your comments on our proposed schemes. Kindly complete the proforma below or email land@antlerhomes.co.uk

Do you live in Dummer Village?
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Would you like a new community building provided in the scheme? If yes, how would you like it used? (tick all that apply)

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